The Workouts Are Free, Right?

They are: the fees associated with the 10th Anniversary are to help cover the costs of things other than the workout.

For Background: We men of F3 Cape Fear are kind of known for being over the top. In fact, its kind of an expectation both among ourselves, and those around the nation.

In our submission video, we went way over the top … it wasn’t intentional, it’s a habit. We can’t help ourselves.

On our first call with the F3 Nation Board Members, after being awarded the honor of being host, it was made clear, they and we, both wanted the same thing: a first class event, pull out all the stops, make sure we have whistles, and keep clothes on The Hoff. So clearly, our work was cut out for us, literally.

What do you get with your fee? Well, Friday night is a reception/party at Battleship Park. The Pax coming in from out of town, and staying at downtown hotels, will be offered a shuttle bus to get back and forth. We encourage local guys to park downtown, grab the trolley, and network with Pax from other regions. That is the secret sauce to these types of events … it’s not just the workout, sound familiar? F3 is so much more than a workout and this weekend will be an opportunity to dive into the culture of F3 un-apologetically. The Friday reception includes dinner, a cash bar, and the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA will be open for free tours (guided and self-guided).

After the Saturday morning convergence, we are having coffeteria right on the beach. This includes coffee, juice, cut fruit and get this … a GRITS BAR.

Following the coffee break, we go into the various CSAUP events (Brolympics, a 10 K, the Iron Pax Face 2 Face Challenge, community service project and new to you, an obstacle course for the little 2.0s.

Now to pull this whole thing off requires some costs. We need a stage and sound system, we need port-o-lets, because there is always that one guy in the middle of a workout, and we’re gonna need some hydration stations (water). Gathering this many men in one place to workout also requires additional level of safety we do not typically see in the gloom. We will have an EMT team onsite just in case something goes wrong. Don’t forget about permits and fees charged by the Town of Wrightsville Beach … which I gotta say, as local governments go, they have been enthusiastic and excited about this event ever since we first told them about it.

Lunch will be on your own and we hope our guests will explore the area for a couple hours. Around 3:00 on Saturday, we are going to have several breakout sessions at the Wilmington Convention Center. Topics will include how to properly stretch/warm up for a workout, how to properly cool down after a workout, recovery, and other topics of interest (which means we haven’t fully developed those yet), but the brightest minds in F3 will be sharing their depth of knowledge on subjects that can help you accelerate your fitness, your family and your faith.

Saturday evening, we are having a not so formal banquet with dinner at the Wilmington Convention Center. We will have an exciting keynote speaker, a message from the founders of F3, and in general, more 2nd F in large quantities. From the banquet, we will launch the End it Ruck ruckers on their 26.2 mile overnight ruck.

If you’ve ever planned an event at a Convention Center, then you know what something like that costs. Saturday evening is by far the most expensive part of the whole weekend, but in my opinion, the keynote speaker is going to be a lynchpin moment for F3 Cape Fear and the Nation. There will be an insane amount of interest in folks who will want to join our early morning madness just to be a part of Saturday night.

On Sunday morning, after the Ruckers have had a chance to recover, we will have a breakfast worship service which I am amped about. The pastors are all F3 guys, the praise band is all F3 guys and the message will be on point. And yes, we will be serving bacon.

In closing, I want you to know what’s really cool about this event: We have structured it, budgeted it and will run it from a break-even perspective. If we make money, F3 Nation will deploy some of that money for us to make an impact on some of the nonprofits in our area.

To recap: Friday night dinner, coffeteria, breakout sessions, Saturday night dinner and Sunday breakfast all are included in your fee. Oh crap, I almost forgot, you also get a really cool shirt from MudGear when you check in. This shirt won’t be available on the MudGear site unless there are some returns. So it is unique to our event.

So get registered, get engaged, and get a true taste of F3 culture the way it is supposed to be done: together and we need you to be there. – coupon code: PICKLEJUMPER

Any questions, contact Gravity via Text: (910) 619-3430.


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