Stingray 🥏Backblast

– EC: Me

-16 PAX-Me, Geiger, EOM, Cabana Boy, Pledge, Picasso, Shakespeare, Jagar, Chop Shop, Little John, GTA, Sheepshead, Mr. Perfect, Fizz, Vegas, Baby Back

Three took off to Ruck 2 miles.


•side straddle hop- 25

•Abe Vigodas-10

•Gravel Pickers-20

•Thang 1: ultimate frisbee

-when point is scored scoring team chooses exercise for all to do. Scorer does 10 and loser 20.

-when frisbee changes hands all have to do a burpee. Guess what the frisbee changed hands lots of times. At least 25+ burpees each achieved!

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night Ogden Taproom 6:30pm. Last week for 25 off 10 year Anniversary event cost! Sign up!Q’s check names when naming folks.


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