Monster 👹Factory Backblast

– 3 EC: Geiger and Me for 3 mile ruck and EOM doing some solo work

-18 PAX-me, Geiger, Picasso, Shakespeare, EOM, Pledge, Offering Plate, Sheepshead, Sparky, Closer, Jagar, Warped, Armorall, Avalanche, Chop Shop, GTA, Ghost Rider, Cabana Boy


•side straddle hop 25

•Knockouts: jabs, uppercuts and hook x20

•up downs

•Thang 1: Canon ball Run

-partner up. One partner runs with stone around pond. Other person does 20 merkins then runs to catch up. When you catch up you each do 10 shoulder the stones then switch roles. Do for three laps, a cool mile with that ball of love!

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night Ogden Taproom 6:30pm. Last week for 25 off 10 year Anniversary event cost.


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