A Ride on the Keggy-Go-Round

Date: 7-23-2020
AO: Thursday Thunder (Ogden Park)
PAX: Armor All, Kix, Lil John, Sock Puppet, GOAT, Picasso, Shakespear, Unicorn, Geiger, GTA, HushPuppy (YHC)
QIC: HushPuppy
The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.
1. Workouts are always free
2. Are open to all men
3. Held outdoors (or Virtual during a pandemic), rain or shine, heat or cold
4. Lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed. 
5. End with a COT


This morning in the gloom was a sweatfest for sure. Kix and Geiger had just finished their next week of of EPO’s July Burpee Mile. Geiger decided it would be best to complete the Warm-O-Rama while lying down.



Very Slow Gravel Pickers x15

Toy Soldiers x15

Windmill x15

PAX then each grabbed a kettle and made their way to the other side of the parking lot where YHC has set up a circle of colored cones along with the 4 F3 Kegs!


THANG: The Keggy-Go-Round #LegDayKegDay

Each PAX picked a cone or keg to start at. One PAX at a keg was the timer, they would complete 15 of the keg exercise and then call out to rotate to the next station. PAX made their way around the Keggy-Go-Round to complete a Leg Day beatdown with different exercises at each color-coded cone. They completed 3 rounds of this.

Round 1:

Keg: Keg Squats

Blue cones: Kettle Goblet Squats

Orange cones: Calf Raises

Green cones: Single Leg RDL’s

Round 2:

Keg: Keg Deadlifts

Blue cone: Kettle Sumo Squat

Orange Cone: Calf Raises

Green cones: Glut Bridges

Round 3:

Keg: Either Keg Squat or Deadlift

Blue cones: Kettle big boy sit up and press

Orange cone: Calf Raises

Green cone: Kettle American Hammers

There was classic rock music, pain, complaining from PAX, and most of all SWEAT!!!! If the 11 PAX don’t have Bambi legs this weekend, then they weren’t working hard enough.

PAX finished with 20 burpees OYO


COT: Prayers for GOAT and his family with his daughters surgery today. Praise for possible full time job for HushPuppy. Toby Talk tonight at Ogden Tap Room.

HushPuppy over and out!


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