Ballast Sweatfest

DATE: 7/21/20

AO: Ballast Beatdown

QIC: Tiny Dancer

PAX: Gravity, Mr. Kotter, Crockett, Sledgehammer, Waterboy, Captain Stubing

7 PAX ventured downtown in the humid gloom for a Tuesday beatdown

Imperial Walker IC X20
Gravel Pickers IC X 10
Merkins IC X 20

Mosey to CFCC parking deck for modified Paula Abdul(2 steps forward, 1 step back)
Run up 2 flights of stairs, at that landing do 10 Merkins, bear crawl to next stairs, run down 1 flight and do 5 burpees. Backards run back to first staircase and rinse and repeat until we reach the top. Plank for the six followed by American Hammer IC X 20.

Mosey to Burpback Mountain with a stop along the way for Derkins.
Start at the bottom for 7’s(thankfully not 11’s).
Bobby Hurley’s at the bottom and Peter Parkers at the top.

Mosey back to AO with a stop at the plush PPD grass for some Mary.

Way to show up Sledgehammer! You are killing it.
Sledgehammer said after the workout, “That was harder than Friday’s Workout.” YHC took that as a compliment.

Prayers for Sledgehammer’s uncle who was having a cardiac procedure.

Thank you for coming out, as always it is an honor to lead.

Tiny Dancer out


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