Jumping Jack Flash

Date: Wednesday – 07/15/20

AO: Warrior Wednesday, Leland

QIC: Kix

# of PAX – 10

PAX: Sir Newt, Beretta, Brexit, Ramses, Dropkick, Brady, Waldo, Beyond Burger, Snickers and YHC.


30 x Seal Claps – IC

Follow up with 5 Burpees – OYO20 x Hillbillies – IC

5 Burpees – OYO

20 x Moroccan Nightclub, hold after finishing and switch to 20 x Air Press – both IC

5 Burpees – OYO

20 x Gravel Pickers – IC

5 Burpees – OYO

Mosey to Leland Wall:
⁃ 10 Wall sit leg raises (each leg), followed by 10 snow angel wall sits
⁃ 10 Wall climbing merkins – IC
⁃ 20 Mountain climbers on wall – IC
⁃ 20 Shoulder taps from Balls to Wall position

Mosey to first corner at front of Township building.


After getting a beautiful aroma from the garbage cans next to the Township building, it was time to begin our Exercise lap around Leland Town Park. I may have purposely joined the EC ruck, just so I could strategically place some cones around the park for exercise points. At each cone, an exercise would be performed, along with 20 SSH (renamed the Jumping Jack for today) until we made it back to the AO. We also needed to keep a watchful eye for the poor frog that may have received a bad morning visit from the bottom of Snicker’s shoe…

Cone #1 – 10 Navy Seal Burpees – OYO
20 x SSH
Mosey to Cone #2 – 25 Copperhead Squats – IC
2 x SSH
Mosey to Cone #3 – 25 American Hammers – IC
20 x SSH
Mosey to Cone #4 – 25 Merkins – IC
20 x SSH
Mosey to Cone #5 – 25 Monkey Humpers – IC
20 x SSH
Mosey to Cone #6 – 25 Scissor kicks – IC
20 x SSH

Mosey to Cone #7 – 25 Dry docks (Scorpion for the Leland Pax) – IC
20 x SSH

Final Cone #8 at AO – 25 Calf Raises – OYO AND 10 Man-maker Burpees – IC
20 x SSH


  • 10 x Box Cutters, then flap jack direction for 10 more – IC
  • 30 x Dying Cockroach
  • Finish with Circle of Pain, each Pax holds Al Gore while starting Pax does 10 Squats. Once complete, the next Pax does 10 until all Pax have completed Squats.

Recover, Recover, Recover


Another Thursday POP up workout will take place in Southport on Thursday, 07/16. Last week, 13 PAX strong for the first initial workout…. (I am going to guess the second will have 15 😊) Strong work getting this off the ground!

Prayers for Beretta’s mom as she is recovering from surgery, but also finding cancer during surgery. Prayers for the country and leaders at this time, along with spoken and unspoken prayer requests across F3 nation.

It is always an honor to get the opportunity to lead!

  • Kix


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