Grinders Return or Where is @Milton

The 32  PAX: LETC, Snap On, Beauty, Gary Swanson=FNG, Hush Money, Blue Steel, Etrade, Cornhole, McFly, Big Sky, Steak Knives, Kix, Cousin Vinnie, High & Tight, Hushpuppy, 10 Count, Gump, Bone Spur, Tom Sawyer, Smith DeChamps=FNG, David DeChamps=FNG, Overbite, Flying Wasp, Tiny Dancer, Chinese Downhill(official timekeeper), Hoveround, Freedom Fries, Cheesesteak, Last, Sunrise, Sparky, QIC: Busted Grill

Warmup: 15 seal claps IC, 15 windmills IC, 15 imperial walkers IC

The thang: grinders: merkins, squats, sit ups, toy soldiers

4 corners:20 shoulder taps, 20 flutter kicks, 20 Carolina dry docks, 20 heels to heaven.  Run between corners except on oceanside go into surf up to waist and mosey to next corner. 3 rounds, burpees in the middle until 6(me) arrives.

Dora: 100 prisoner squats, 200 merkins, 300 Bobby Hurleys partner runs to the water for 2 burpees.

Freely enter surf, 10 burpees on exiting

Counterama, Namerama, 3 FNG’s  Cabin Boy (Smith DeChamps), Panama (David Dechamps), Sampsonite (Gary Swanson)

COT: Megalodon this week. See LETC. NC amateur golf championship  free  to spectators at Cape Fear CC. Prayers for health, police and 1st responders, military. Thx for the opportunity to lead.     BG


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