A Wickets Q from the past

Date: 7-10-20


AO- The OG at HMP

Pax:  Baby Back, Blade, Beauty, Big Sky, Busted Grill, Caliseum, Dino, Dogwood, Ronaldo, ETrade, Gravity, Flounder, Hahvahd,  Hush Money, Jester, McFly, Morpheus, Jiffy Pop, Overbite, Spin Dr, Red Hots, Snap on, Soul Train, Sparky, Top Chedda, The Adjuster, The Hoff, The Flying Wasp, Tom Sawyer, 

31 pax gathered in the clammy gloom in search at HMP, the OG AO for Cape Fear. Six years ago yhc drove up on a small handful of pax searching for something. It was found, and this is how it went down. A recreation of the Wickets Q. 


SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Merkins on the down. 40. 


Tha Thang-

Start a mosey, switch to butt kickers, to high knees, to karaoke. 

At intersection form into 2 lines for Indian run to baseball fields. 

At fields, bear crawl from right field fence to left field fence. 20 squats. Bear crawl back. 20 LBCs. Rinse and repeat until Q calls it. 

Back into the 2 lines. Indian run to tennis courts. 

Shuttle run at courts w 5 burpees and 10 LBCs. 

Round of people’s chair. 

Mosey to flag.

10 burpees

A bit of Mary. 

10 more burpees. That’s a wrap. 

CoT-  A lot of gratitude for F3 and the impact it has had on us as individuals, our families, and our communities.  In Christmas of 2013, my brother-in-law shared the story of F3 with me in Raleigh. I knew instantly that this is what I was looking for. The guys from Raleigh finally came in June 2014 and launched F3Wilmington. I found it just a few weeks later, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I was definitely a sad clown prior to this day, 6 years ago. F3 put me in the best shape of my life. F3 gave me a group of men who have become my brothers. F3 gave both of my boys a village of HIMs who invested in their lives at the perfect time. F3 gave me a voice and the confidence to explore and share my faith like never before. F3 gave me a new connection to my college roommate and my brother. F3 put me into a mode of acceleration instead of the slow fade. F3 has been transformative.  Let’s keep this this growing. Oh, and prayers for Gravity and his recovery from the bike accident. 

Moleskin- Tclaps to Wipeout for leading the ruck crew this am, and doing some strong EHing. Loved seeing Last, Morpheus, Busted Grill, and the Hoff this am – a few of my OGs. The really cool thing is that we had so many newer guys that yhc needs to get to know better. We keep finding more and more HIMs.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead. How cool is that?

It was an honor and a pleasure.

Little Engine That Could – out


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