Parking Deck Ladder


Ballast Beatdown

Q – BoneSpur

4 PAX – Redhots, Undertaker, Crockett and YHC

Warmorama: 20 SSH, 15 ImpWalkers, 10 Pebble Pickers

The Thang: Mosey to parking deck and start with 5 Burpees, run to 2nd level and do 25 merkins, run down stairs to 1st level starting point and complete 5 Burpees. Run to 3rd level- 25 Merkins, 25 sumo squats and run down stairs to 1st level. 5 Burpees run to 4th level 25 merkins, sumo squats and flutter kicks. Down stairs to first level and 5 Burpees, then run to top level for 25 of all plus mountain climbers.

Next pair up for DORA on top deck – 100 Carolina Drydocks, 150 Bobby Hurley and 200 LBCs. Run down deck and finish with 5 burpees before heading back to the AO.

COT: Gravity, 19 years marriage for Crockett and guidance for my M with work.



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