Chase for the Megalodon

Date: 7-6-20


AO- The Workshop

Pax:  Beauty, Flounder, Flipper, Footy, GTA, Gump, Hush Money, Hushpuppy, Kix, Nature Boy, Steak Knives, The Flying Wasp, and Tiny Dancer.  

14 pax gathered on the edge of dawn in the clammy gloom in search of the Megalodon.  Each got one step closer.


SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Good mornings IC x 10. 


Tha Thang-

Mosey to Live Oak for a “cupcake” version of our Bataan Death March.  5 Mike Tysons at each speed bump, back to start after each set of Tysons.

Mosey to Stone Street beach access for 11s.

Surfees and Prisoner squats.

Enjoy that calm ocean, sunrise, and huge moon.  Thank you Jesus.

Mosey back to flag.

CoT-  Prayers for High and Tight and the whole Pitt Crew, including head man Tom Sawyer.  Praise for Sooner and his launch of Surf Church, and for Beauty’s gift to share the Word.  

Moleskin- So, Wrightsville Beach is quickly becoming another strong mini-region for Cape Fear, with 5 official workouts a week.  However, Turbo Tuesday and Boondocks seem to keep a lot of the pax away (FOBD).  In an effort to recognize the studs who post and to encourage more pax to post, we are launching the Megalodon.  Post at all 5 WB AOs in one week, and you will be recognized as a Megalodon – no greater honor.  And Yes, gear will be created!

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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