Date: July 6, 2020

AO: Heavy Metal Monday @ OGAO

QIC: Wapner

# of Pax: 15

Pax: Jiffy Pop, Goat, Mr. T, Special K, Top Cheddar, Cpt. Stubbing, Mr. Perfect, Kramer, Fizz (FNG), Dredd Pirate (FNG), Dixie Chick, Wapner, Pony Express, Vegas, Wipeout

Warm-o-Rama: Windmill x 10 IC, Hillbillies x 20 IC, Smurf Jacks x 20 IC, and ATMs.

The Thang: Each pax picked their own coupon and we partnered up for a coupon Dora. Our exercises were 100 shoulder press, 200 one-leg deadlifts, and 300 American hammers. While Pax 1 performed the exercise Pax 2 ran to the speed bump, performed 3 burpees, and ran back.

Then, we circled up for multiple rounds of 1min popcorn AMRAP of various exercises. We finished with Mary.

COT: Prayers for Pony Express’s daughter as she embarks on her first day of cross country practice at Ashley HS. Lift up Dredd Pirate’s son Trey as he searches for a place to live in Melbourne, FL. Please keep YHC, my M, and our family in your prayers as we mourn the death of my mother in law. Let’s keep praying for healing for our country and look for ways we can get involved in opposing injustice and seeking true equality for all.


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