The All-American Beatdown


Date: 3 July 2020

QIC: WaterBoy

PAX (18): Bigsky, Vegas, Pixel Pusher, Mr. Perfect, JiffyPop, Forceps, Mr. Rogers, Dixie Chick, McFly, Soul Train, Last, Hoveround, Niles, Parrot Head, Coliseum, BG, WaterBoy (Q)

Warmarama (IC): 50x SSH, 15x Imperial Walkers, 15x High Knees, 10 Burpees OYO

Thang: Mosey to pull up bars around goosepoop island, stopping and doing 5 burpees at every speedbump

All-American DORA (Murph): 100x Pull ups, 200x Squats, 300x Dips. Partner 2 runs to second furthest speedbump to do 20x flutters (double count). Mosey back to AO.

7’s (in AO lot): Merkins/ V-ups. End with 10 more burpees OYO

COT: Prayers for the weekend for a strong fourth convergence turnout.


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