Thursday Thunder

Thursday ⚡️Thunder Backblast

– 4 EC: Geiger, EOM, Matlock, Me for EPO week 1 Mile challenge all finished under 10 minutes!

-7 Thunder patches given

-5 hats to the ones who have been to the most patch workouts: wanted to give so many more!

-17 PAX-me, Geiger, Seahorse, Picasso, Shakespeare, Goat, Pledge, Undertaker, Matlock, Sock Puppet, EOM, Cabana Boy, GTA, Tenenbaum, Warped, Gen X, Hushpuppy


•Gravel Pickers-20

•Abe Vagodas-10

•Hillbilly hoedowns-10-had to be there

•Thang 1: coupon relay

Two PAX race: Farmer carry the kegs down parking lot. To tires then tire flip back down. Once back 20 sledges, 10 each side

-rest are at a station:

•logs: lumberjack press first time, log get ups second

•Stones: Shoulder stone first time, squat press second

Kettles: curl, press, tricep first time, lunge walk passing between legs second

•Thang 2: Winners big tire, losers middle tire relay down and back

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night The Islands 6:30pm. Convergence on 7/4 at Baywatch! Thanks for playing along with the patch game it’s been a blast!


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