AROD: The Reverse Dora

Date: 2 July 2020

AO: Breakpoint

QIC: WaterBoy

Burpee Count: 450

PAX (9): Blade, Houdini, Mr. T, Red Hots, Price is Right, BigSky, Gump, Crockett, WaterBoy (Q)

Warmarama: 30x SSH, 15x Windmills, 15x PlankJacks

The Thang: Mosey to center Tennis Court

Arod—The Reverse DORA: 100x Burpees, 200x Spider-Man Merkins, 300x Flutterkicks (double count). Partner one runs to half court to do 10x burpees while partner two holds balls to the wall, rinse and repeat for 10 rounds until 100 reps are reached. The same follows for the next two exercises, dividing them up into 10 rounds (20x reps and 30x reps of Spider-Man Merkins and Flutters, respectively). Partner two holds wall squat during the merkin round, and plank during the flutter round.

Four corners (escalating to 21 reps): Plankjacks/ squats/ Breakdancers/ Bobby Hurleys. Bear crawl the straightaways parallel with the net, mosey the other straightaways. Mosey back to AO.

Circle of strife: Each PAX did 15x flutters (IC) while everyone held six inches until all PAX did the count.

COT: Prayers for Gump’s and Mr. T’s friends in their quest to recovery from drugs/ alcohol. Prayers for YHC’s friend, Daniel Fisher, who nearly drowned spear fishing last week.

Way to crush it this am, men! Strong work!


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