Knotty By Nature

01 July 2020


QIC : Blade

# of PAX : 16

PAX : Mr T, JiffyPop, Caterpillar, Vegemite, Beaker, Vegas, Pixel Pusher, The Hoff, Beauty, Soultrain, Jester, Niles, Caliseum, Hoveround, Gypsy (FNG)


SSH x20 IC

Toy Soldiers x15IC

Cotton Pickers x10IC

The Thang

YHC quickly demonstrated 4 knots using cordage provided. Knots were:

Square Knot | Sheet Bend | Overhand on Bight | Bowline

Partner up, take cordage, mosey to pull up bars

Dora –

Partner 1 = 5 pull-ups, 10 dips, 20 merkins (rinse/repeat)

Partner 2 = down to GPI, 5 burpees, tie 1 knot

Flapjack until each PAX tied all 4 knots

Indian run back to flag


Mr T’s sidebend stretchy thing x ??IC


YHC thought of this skills test at the tail end of an especially hot day building a fence. I was struggling to tie a simple knot, and had to slow down and process what I was doing. Basic knot tying is a skill that all HIM should possess. Learn a few knots, use them. Practice tying them, as it’s a perishable skill.

In moments of stress & limited visibility, we will fall back to our lowest level of training. If we choose to accelerate our training, we will raise that “baseline”.

Most importantly, this applies not just to knot tying, but all areas of life. Work at it, raise your lowest level of training, get better.

As always it was an honor to lead!

Stay Sharp,



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