Keep ’em spread!

The chaffing is strong with this one.

Date: 07/01/2020

AO: Stingray’s non-smelly parking lot

EC: EOM, 10 Count, Hushpuppy for a suspicious looking ruck

Pax: (13) 10 Count, ArmorAll, Cabana Boy, Tenenbaum, Shakespeare, Jagger, Picasso, Red Hots, Water Boy, EOM, Earbud, Hushpuppy, Geiger

The mission of this F3 workout is to not allow thighs to touch. Ever again.

Warm-o-rama: In a spready stance, Gravel pickers, Windmills, Moroccan nightclubs, Raise the roofs, Copperhead squats. Some of each, all in cadence.

The Thang: Go back and forth across the parking lot doing exercises at the curbs and in the middle. Two rounds each, we move on whenever somebody says they’re tired of current exercise.
1st set: Ceiling stomps –> broad jump to middle –> diamond ‘Merkins –> broad jump to other side –> ceiling stomps
2nd set: Starfish crunches –> Crab walk –> Supermans –> Crab walk –> Starfish crunches
3rd set: Jane Fondas –> One-legged hop –> Glute bridges –> One-legged hop –> Jane Fondas
Walk back to smelly parking lot
Mary with 4-ct ‘Merkins and Copperhead squats…go around the circle and have every Pax take his turn counting cadence.

Moleskin: Pretty sure Flounder left a piece of himself in the garbage after his Q Monday…that dumpster was offensive.
Pax evidently don’t like crab walking…bunch of grumbling after a single round, so YHC changed the rest of the Q to let everybody’s hands heal and to avoid an EOM-led mutiny.
Eye contact will henceforth be forbidden while doing Jane Fondas…ArmorAll.
Hushpuppy has too many trophies in his possession.

Coupon Smorgasbord tomorrow morning at Thursday Thunder tomorrow morning.
Toby Talk is heading over to Islands on Gordon at 1830 tomorrow night.
Convergence on Saturday…be on the lookout for specifics in the #preblast channel.
Funfetti has the Q tonight as she celebrates her birthday at Tough Ruckers…that has been moved to Hoggard.
Let’s all keep ourselves, our friends, loved ones, neighbors and strangers safe…practice social distancing when possible, wear a mask and wash your hands.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead…


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