Blimps, Bombs, and Burpees

AO: Arrowhead

Date: 6-26

Pax: Crocket, Kramer, Chuckles, Cookie, Lt. Dan, Watchdog, Big Tex, FNG Kneehugger

QIC: Special K



15 gravel pickers IC

10 burpees OYO

The thang

Mosey to hill for Dora

100 50/50 diamond/ wide merkins

200 100/100 squats/ squat raisers

300 LBCs

Partner runs to top of hill/path 5 burpees

Mosey to tennis courts:

B.L.I.M.P.S. Serpentine x 2

B – burpees 5x- 90

L – lunges 10x

I – imperial walkers 15x

M – merkins 20x

P – plank jacks 25x

S – squats 30x

Mosey to basketball court for bombs- @crocket style

B- Burpees 25x- est 200

O- Overhead press 50x

M- Merkins 25x

B- Big Boy Sit ups 25x

S- squats 50x

Mosey to AO

PAX led Mary and introducing the @kneehugger!!!!

90 burpees

770 total burpees


Let. Dan praise to fam and wife’s report!

Yhc, Safe travels and prayers to my moms health

Welcome fng kneehugger

Thank you to the PAX that posted this am! Seriously, and I know I’m preaching to the choir w the pax that attended Arrowhead this am, but that is a great park and AO. If you have not been, get it in your calendar!

@hushpuppy charged us with the following for today:

Love is a powerful word! But it’s a word that men sometimes struggle to express! How can we share love throughout F3? How can you express your love for your fellow PAX?

@kramer and I have expressed the need to bring F3 to new areas of town where it could benefit so many men in our community. Love is giving it away. Love is going and doing the lords work where it is needed most. F3 already gives us the blueprint, we just need to put it into action strategically to reach new pax and give our pax the blessing that we have received!


Special K


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