Thursday Thunder Backblast

Thursday ⚡️Thunder Backblast

-3 EC:me , Geiger, Seahorse

-5Keg patches given: THE Wolf, Seahorse, Geiger, Undertaker and Slider

-15 PAX-me, Geiger, Seahorse, Picasso, Shakespeare, Roady, Goat, Pledge, Undertaker, Little John, THE Wolf (2nd day in a row!), Hush Money, Price is Right, Sock Puppet, Slider(FNG)


•Gravel Pickers-20

•10 count merkins-5

•Hillbilly hoedowns-10-has to be there

•Thang 1: Farmer Keg

Two PAX farmer carry the kegs all the way around the parking lot in a race. Winner 5 Kegerpees loser 10. (Wipe kegs with wipe after use)

-other pax each have a kettle and are doing various exercises.

•Thang 2: Circle up

In center clean and press keg 10 times. Take turns while PAX alternate biceps and triceps on the kettles.

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night Ogden Tap room 6:30pm. Toil for Toby on 6/27!- please come help for as long as you can! Welcome FNG Slider! Don’t forget your name or you’ll be renamed UTI!


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