HushPuppy’s Tour de Oar

Date: 6/25/20

QIC: HushPuppy


The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

  1. Workouts are always free
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Held outdoors (or Virtual during a pandemic), rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Lead by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification needed. 
  5. End with a COT


Since buying a new house and moving into a more centralized location in town, I began to wrap my head around the possibility of completing the Oar challenge.My decision was made once I saw that Gen-X and Gump had already started their own Oar journeys. The motivation was flowing through my veins.

I started my journey with a plan. I tallied all the AOs I had already visited recently and realized that the Quarterly Poker Run was right around the corner. This event would be a key factor in my plan. Using my journal, I sketched a make shift Q calendar and titled it: “Journey To The Oar”.

Along the way, I met many new PAX, had a lot of laughs, had a couple close calls with injuries, ran the most miles I have ever recorded, and almost fartsacked more times than I can count. My rockstar of an M had to roll over and wack me a few times if I didn’t get up right away after my alarm. This leads me to my take-aways from this amazing accomplishment and challenge……..

  1. The Oar is all about the schedule and Plan. Yes it is a physical challenge at times. But if you are a consistently post in F3 and make sure to take care of your body, it is not too difficult or a strain on your body. The scheduling and planning is the key. Any day fartsacked can completely derail you. It can almost double the time needed to complete the challenge. Be intentional with your plan. Study the Q calendar to line things up for what works best for you. There is no right way to complete The Oar, you just need to be MOTIVATED!
  2. The Oar can get you out of your comfort zone. As High Impact Men, we should always be looking to push our boundaries and look to improve. It is so easy to go to the same AO, with the same PAX everyday. I am a testament to this! When my M and I lived across the street basically from Stingray, that is the only place I went. I still consider Stingray my home AO, but I found that branching out and pushing my self to go to new workouts and AO’s only has made me stronger and better. Push yourself, get out of your comfort zone, and set out on your own F3 journey! You won’t be sorry that you did.
  3. It is all about the community and friendships. The Oar is a challenge, but that is not the purpose behind it. The Oar is a symbol of the brotherhood and community we have here in F3 Cape Fear. At each workout and AO I posted at over these past 2 months, I had a unique experience, conversation, or interaction with multiple PAX. The Oar allowed me to meet new PAX. It allowed me to be at multiple postings with new FNG’s. It allowed me to experience a couple of the hardest workouts I have done since joining F3! It most importantly though, allowed me to grow closer to each of my F3 brothers along the way. I pride myself on trying to keep the mumblechatter high during my posts. This very mumblechatter allowed me to have conversations with PAX I had never met or even spoken to before. I will cherish the moments The Journey to the Oar has brought me. We are called to be together in community. The Oar is a representation of that.


So my Journey to the Oar is now complete. I claimed my prize this morning in the gloom @ Battleship (Shout out to Steak Knives for the absolute suckfest). I will always cherish the memories form this experience. I had so much support from my M, friends, and most importantly my F3 brothers. I love each and every one of you, and am so thankful for each and every day I get to post with you all! So now that leaves the question…………. WHO’S NEXT TO CLAIM THE OAR!?!?!?!?!!?

HushPuppy Signing Off


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