Stepbrothers Part II

“You and your mom are hillbillies. This is a house of learned doctors.”

Dale “Dragon” Doback

Date: 06/24/2020

AO: Stingray

EC: 10 Count, EOM, YHC – 3 miles around the Big Bear Loop

Pax: (14) Walk-on, Picasso, Shakespeare, Jagger, Sparky (R), GTA, Closer, EOM, Pledge, ArmorAll, 10 Count, Cabana Boy, The Offering Plate aka Night Hawk, Geiger aka Dragon

Warm-o-rama: Abe Vigodas, SSH – 10 each in cadence

The Method:
Catalina Wine Mixer in (dis?)honor of our friends in #F3Chattanooga
Get a deck of cards. Discard all the 3s, 10s and Kings. Why? Good question.
The King is from Tennessee, and he died on a toilet. Get him outta the deck. Not worthy.
10s? Tennessee. This is North Carolina, bro. Rise up. 10s are gone.
And 3s? Well, getting rid of those just sorta happened. But since the 3s are all gone, I suppose #F3Chattanooga needs to be changed to #F_Chattanooga. Oops.
That left us with 4 sets of 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, J (10), Q (10), Ace (15), which adds up to 304.

The Thang: Modified 11s with Burpees, Hillbillies and Carolina Learned Dry Dock-tors
Draw a card every minute on the minute.
Do the number of burpees on the card–if it’s red, finish the 11s with hillbillies (8 of hearts = 8 burpees, 3 hillbillies); if it’s black, finish with Carolina Dry Docks (4 of clubs = 4 burpees, 7 dry docks.)
Our timer was a *sa-weeet* Power Hour mixtape of one-minute snippets of songs from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. To add some fun, we split into Team Night Hawk and Team Dragon…whichever team named the song first got the card. At the end, the team with the most cards won. Team Night Hawk dominated, thanks to Pledge and Picasso. Team Dragon did an extra 25 burpees in defeat.

Moleskin: We got through all the cards…304 burpees per pax. Not a complicated workout, but we put some baller numbers up on #F_Chattanooga. Chattanooga really did do an awesome thing with the burpee challenge…always nice to have a rival when trying to accomplish a goal, though, and @DuckTales threw down the gauntlet when he challenged our very own BTB.
Not sure what happens in the Zagazeta household, but Picasso and Jagger know some song names. Impressive. Closer took a “throw every song title out, and I’ll eventually guess the right one” approach. And what can be said about Pledge’s late 90’s/early 2000’s wealth of knowledge. Humbling, to be sure.

Thursday Thunder tomorrow morning…going for the Keg patch;
TobyTalk tomorrow tonight at 1830 at Ogden Tap Room;
ToilForToby is Saturday from 0830-1130;
Continue to be vigilant in protecting yourself, loved ones and complete strangers when it comes to Covid-19. Don’t get complacent…it’s still an issue.
The protests in support of our black community have faded out of the news cycle, but the cause is as important as ever: be the change you want to see and actively fight for equality of all.

Thanks for letting us lead.
-Night Hawk and Dragon


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