Thursday Thunder

Date: 06/18/2020

AO: Stingray

EC: 10 Count, EOM

Pax: (15) Snickers, SandMan, Pledge, Shakespeare, Lil’ Jon, ArmorAll, Sparky, EOM, Gen-X, 10 Count, Closer, Picasso, Undertaker, He Hate Me, Geiger

Warm-o-rama: Gravel pickers, Copperhead squats, 4-count ‘Merkins

Thang: Choose your coupon! 7 atlas stones, a handful of rocks, and some kettle bells (big fellas, thanks to Thumbs!) Shakespeare couldn’t choose one, so he decided to go with TWO. Animal.
Shoulder your coupon, and make two laps around the pond…stopping at 4 stations along the way.
1) Pavillion#1: Walk up, over and down the picnic tables with your coupon until EOM tells us to stop.
2) Pull-up bars: Deadlift-to-thrusters with your coupon. 20ish?
3) Pavillion#2: 50 Hip thrusts w/ coupon on your boy parts.
4) Other pull-up bars: 20 pull-ups. Mary for the six.
Do the lap again…doing about half the reps as the first lap to quell the mumblechatter and appease the backseat Qs. Then back to the AO with no time to spare for Mary.

COT/Moleskin: ArmorAll got all gussied up with a splash of cologne for us this morning…he shouldn’t have. Really.
Sandman lost his shirt but found a disc along the way…net neutral. Nobody told him losing shirts is *my* thing. Lelanders. Pssshhh
Plurality vs quorum vs majority was pondered…YHC believes if a majority of a quorum votes one way, it constitutes a plurality of votes cast in a given population. YHC also believes if you swallow gum, it’ll stay in your body for seven years. Sooo….grain of salt, folks.
Hip thrusts will be brought back again and again until Shakespeare goes to prom. It’s already in my notebook for my next Q. You’re welcome prom date(s?).

Serious bidniz:
TobyTalk is tonight at 1830 at Ogden Tap Room…we’ll be discussing ToilForToby (taking place 6/27) among other things;
FIA has their anniversary this Saturday and are looking for volunteers;
SandMan et al are spearheading a great little opportunity to give back to police officers via snack baskets…hit him up to learn more;
Snickers has stickers…and t-shirts. The F3CapeFear t-shirts are on sale right now, so check out Slack for the link. And hit Snickers up for AO stickers;
ArmorAll started a new job yesterday…they threw him in sink-or-swim style. He swam;
Prayers up for Venus, his M and the unexpected arrival of his 2.0;
Big props to Thumbs for lending his kettlebells…got to see his lovely face yesterday. The M and his two 2.0s are all doing well.

Always a pleasure, gentlemen…


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