F3CapeFear Grows, Again!

Date: 6-17-20


AO- New WB Wednesday Launch

Pax:  Atari, Beauty, BobtheBuilder, Chinese Downhill, Kramer, Niles, Sparky, Special K, Steak Knives, Top Cheddar(FNG), Waterboy. 

Wrightsville Beach Baywatch is world famous.  The weekday workouts at WB are getting there as well.  The baddest, toughest, fastest pax around make regular appearances at the WB workouts.  Only seemed fair to give them a Wednesday option, so here it is.  Always fun to be a part of a launch team.  It is an honor and privilege to Q a launch.  This AO is going to be a good one. Still pondering the name.  We missed you Hushmoney.


SSH IC x 30

Moroccan nightclubs IC x 52

Gravel pickers IC x 10

Imperial walkers IC x 20 


Tha Thang-

Mosey to the Stone Street beach access.

Running Serpintine.  11 beach accesses.

5 burpees at each beach access.  10 squats at each street corner.  See you at Johnny Mercer‘s pier.

At pier, Turtle run back to Stone Street, with EC options along the way.

Admire the slick-cam ocean along the way.

Mosey back to flag.  2 minutes late.  My bad.

No time for Mary.

CoT-  Prayers for Venus, M, and 2.0.  Prayers for our nation, COVID, social strife, etc.  Gratitude for F3 and for WB being the most beautiful AO in the Nation. 

Moleskin- Another NEW AO.  F3CapeFear keeps growing, and we are loving it.  Divide and multiply.  FNG, Top Cheddar walked to the AO.  Brother, welcome.  We have been expecting you.  No more fartsacking or we will come wake you up.  BtB was missing his fellow rabbits this am.  But he did say he broke a sweat at yhc workout.  Beauty has sporting his weight vest with a smile as always.  Atari wasn’t playing games.  He went all out.  Chinese Downhill has a little Dredd in him.  He works his body and his mouth at full speed all the time.  Impressive!  Kramer and Special K made a special beach appearance and it was great to see them.  Kramer took the hair on Special K’s head and put it on his chin.  Strong EH and nice shoes Niles.  I’m searching for a pun, but nothing, and I have to get back to work.  Sorry.  It was a goal of mine.  Steak knives is has become an F3 staple.  Anything new or cool going on the Region, and he is there.  Keep it up brother.  Waterboy, thanks for calling out my lax squats.  Hey Niles, #2!

Embrace the suck brothers.  The gloom belongs to us.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

-LETC out


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