Stingray Backblast

Stingray Backblast

10-Count 2 year F3 Anniversary

-3 EC:Geiger ran abd knuckle puck and I rucked 2.5 miles.

– 15 PAX:Geiger, Knucklepuck, Dr. Phil, Pledge, Picasso, Jagar, Shakespeare, THE Offering Plate, Cabana Boy, Dennis the Menace, Sheepshead, Chop Shop, Babyback, HeHateMe,



•Shark Claps-20


•Thang 1: Umm 11’s?

On my first day we did 11’s. Being too tired to understand the directions I just did 10 on each side and didn’t understand why I was so far behind…. in that memory we will do…..

-Carolina dry docks on one side and big boy sit-ups on other

-10 on each side each time for 10 rounds

•Thang 2: Okay got it! 11’s

-to show I can be taught.

-burpees on one side and Bobby Hurleys on the other

•time left so biceps and shoulders with rock coupons.

•Remember e we hat brought you out and keep finding reasons to keep coming. Stronger together!

•Announcements/ prayer Requests: Tobytalk Thursday night Ogden Tap room 6:30pm. Toil for Toby coming soon. HeHateMe keep him in prayers! Cabanas friends wife.


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