AO: OG AO – Hugh MacRae Park

Date: 6/17/2020


PAX: Capt. Stubing, Soul Train, Pique, Mr. T, Gravity, Colosseum, Jiffy Pop, Vegemite, Blue Steel, Pixel Pusher, Vegas, Wipeout, Tiny Dancer, Hoveround, Big Sky, Jester, & SOL

Warm Up: SSH x 25 (IC), Imperial Walkers x 20 (IC), Gravel Pickers x & 20 (IC)

The Thing: 3 Wide run with spacing between groups, telling namestories, to Tennis Courts.

4 Corners: Corner 1 – 10 Burpees, Corner 2 – 20 Mike Tyson’s, Corner 3 – 30 (2-count) Shoulder Taps, Corner 4 – 40 secs Balls to the Wall.

3 wide namestories run (new partners) to Goose Poop Island where FIA provided the tunes.

10 box jumps (or step ups) 10 durkins X5 sets of each

DORA – Partner 1 Up the steps around the pole and back. Partner 2 exercises. 100 Burpees, 200 Wall Dips, 300 squats (modified to 50)

3 wide namestories run back to the AO

Mary – IC x20 – Flutter Kicks, Heels to Heaven

COT: Prayers for Hoverounds son in law, and Sweatervest for a great wedding officiant’ing, prayers for law enforcement, prayers for protestesters, all need to be better. All be the change we want to see. Be leaders and do what’s right no matter who’s watching. Seize the Day!


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