HushPuppy’s “Love Fest” Wedding Anniversary Q

Date: 6-15-20

AO: Monster Factory

QIC: HushPuppy

PAX: Cabana Boy, 10 Count, Dr. Phil (Charlotte), Geiger, Picasso, Shakespeare, ArmorAll, Flounder (R), Flipper, He Hate Me, Closer, EOM, Mr. Perfect (FNG)(R), Wipe Out, Vegas (FNG), Chop Shop, Tag Along (FNG)(R), Sparky (R), Baby Back, One Man Band (FNG), Atari, & YHC

It was a very wet morning at Ogden Park. YHC set off on a 3 mile EC Ruck with 10 Count @ 0445. We passed Geiger in the parking lot going to take his pooch Spencer for a fast pace run; much faster than we were intending to go. EOM joined us on mile 2 and carried a large stone for his weight. As we finished our ruck, we saw a large crowd huddled under the shelter hiding from the rain. There was only 1 thing that would get this group motivated fro this rainy workout………… CORNY LOVE MUSIC!


Gravel Pickers x 20, Little Orphan Annie’s x 10 each arm.

Due to the large number of FNG’s this morning (4 in total), Geiger suggested breaking the down the warm-o-rama instructions for them to better understand. Then is was time to set off on the mosey towards the 1st THANG. But in order to improve moral and entertain the PAX, YHC decided to break out the bluetooth speaker and play is Corny Love Songs Playist!

Mosey to the Grassy Hill Behind the Skatepark:

As we began our mosey, YHC decided it play “Wake Me up Before You Go-Go” by Wham! This immediately was a hit with the PAX, as awkward and hilarious dancing was incorporated spontaniously into the mosey. As we approached the Hill, Continued to blast music to get everyone excited.

THANG 1: Monkey Humper Mountain

PAX started at the bottom of the Hill; performed 10 Pickle Pumpers; Bear Crawled up the Hill; preformed 10 monkey humpers at the top; and ran back down.

Repeat for 5 rounds.

PAX then switch the order upon finishing: Pickle pumpers on top, and monkey humpers at the bottom for 3 rounds.

The PAX Humped and Pumped away to the tunes of “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate, “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone, and other Lovely tunes.

THANG 2: Tunnel of Love

PAX began their next musical mosey to the football field beside the AO. “You Make My Dreams (Come True)” by Daryl Hall & John Oates was the tune of choice for even more random dancing mosey.

PAX formed a tunnel by holding high bear crawl position side by side. The PAX at the back of the tunnel would then crawl all the way through the tunnel of love to the front and re-assume the bear crawl position. The PAX crawled all 100 yards of the football field in the rain and very moist grass.

Songs of note were “My Girl”, “I Want You Back”, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”, and other hits. The PAX were even Rick Rolled with “Never Gonna Give You Up”.

Once all 100 yards were crawled through the tunnel, the PAX then returned to the other side of the field by Bear Crawling 50 yards and Lunge Walking the 2nd 50 yards.

Return to AO and Shovel Flag:

The PAX finished the workout with some Hugs and Kisses (X’s & O’s)

X’s – X-cross sit ups x 20

O’s- Oblique Slides x 20


Count-O-Rama: 22 & Name-O-Rama

Welcome to FNGs Mr. Perfect, Vegas, Tag Along, and One Man Band! Strong work to Wipe Out and Atari for the head locking!
Prayers for YHC as he continue his job search this summer, for our community and people during tough times, and for guidance, patience, and wisdom.

Thanks to everyone who came out to have fun with me in the rain to celebrate 2 years of marriage with my amazing, rockstar of an M.


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