F3 2 year Anniversary Progressive Diner Dance Party featuring Meat and Potatoes (HMM Edition)

AO: Heavy Metal Monday

Special K F3 2 Year Anniversary

Date: 6-15

Pax: Redhots, Pony Express, Chewy, GOAT, Jester, Thespian, Big Sky, Seahorse, Coliseum

QIC: Special K


100 side straddle hops IC

10 merkins IC

Mosey to 1st pavilion

The thang on a string:

Station 1:

10 chest press

10 squat press

10 Kb swings

10 curls

10 tri extension

1 Pax lead Mary

(Meat and potatoes)

Add 5 reps each pavilion

10 pax covered all the pavilions ending with 35 reps at each station

Closed with 10 burpees OYO and 50 side straddle hops IC


Clarity at work for Bigsky and his organization

Tclaps to Thespian starting a new job! 👏

Prayers for our county as we heal/grow/change

Prayers for our students as they begin the 2nd part of the longest summer break ever

Big shout out to all the pax that came out for my 2 year anniversary Q, but also a big shout out to all the pax that I have worked out with and grown with over that time, So many HIMs out there in the Cape Of Fear! Thank you for helping shape me physically and mentally in and outside of the gloom! Finally shout out to Krammer for EHing me 2 years ago!


Special K


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