The Baywatch Exfoliation beatdown

Date: 6-13-20


AO- Baywatch

Pax:  Baby Back, Beauty, BlueSteel, Bonespur, Busted Grill, Chinese Downhill, Cousin Vinnie, Flight Nurse, Gravity, Sooner, Dino, HeHateMe, Hoveround, Hushmoney, Hushpuppy, Jiffy Pop, McFly, Parrot Head, Redhots, Ronaldo, Sparky, Spin Dr, Sprinkes, Sunrise, Tiny Dancer, Tenenbaum, Vogue, Waterboy. 

The World famous Baywatch has become a roving AO since being booted from the WB park by Rona.  We gathered at the L shaped lot.  It works, but yhc will be glad when we return to home base.  We had 31 pax coming and going through EC, rain, wind, sand, and falling turkeys.  At one point we counted off 31.  The above named faces made it on the nameorama.  It’s June 13, the edge of summer, so a perfect day of 64 degrees, howling rain, and wind on an empty beach is not exactly what we expected.  But we are prepared.  So let’s get it on! 


SSH IC x 52


Tha Thang-

Partner up for catch you if me can.  

Partner A runs backwards towards Johnny Mercer’s pier,

Partner B does 5 Mike Tysons then goes to catch him.

Flapjack until you reach the pier.

At pier, we start a pearls on a string back to L lot.

Bear crawl up and down life guard hill.  10 derkins at bottom.


5 burpees


5 burpees, 10 dead stop merkins


5 burpees, 10 dead stops, 20 squats


5 burpees, 10 dead stops, 20 squats, 40 flutter kicks.

Continue mosey as you walk the ladder back down.

Arrive at L lot access.

Time for Dora with original partner.

100 merkins 200 LBCs, 300 shoulder presses.

Partner A starts exercise.  Partner B submerges into ocean.  Flapjack.

Mosey back to flag.

No time for Mary.

CoT-  Gratitude for us having the most beautiful AO in the Nation.  Today was one of the more brutal weather days at Baywatch.  The wind, sand, and rain, were tough.  That is what made it so awesome.  No one quit.  Everyone got stronger.  Most everyone had fun.  Prayers for healing of our nation, and world.  COVID-19, social strife, on, and on.  So grateful yhc has the brothers of F3, as we will help each other make it through.

Moleskin- HeHateMe got his 7 in 7 board after is FNG post 6 days ago!  Tclaps brother.  Glad you found us.  Bonespur is such a stud and he struggled today.  Does a Q proud.  Forget about  all the EPO challenges and EC runs he did this week.  Sprinkles made to a workout that was not sunny and 72.5 degrees.  It honored and shocked yhc.  Y’all check out Hoverround and BabyBack in the nameorama video.  They have such big smiles, you would think it was Christmas.  Everyone really pushed today and got stronger.  Yep, yhc must say it was a good one.

Embrace the suck brothers.  The gloom belongs to us.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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