06/08/2020_Council Meeting Minutes

T-Claps to @10counting for the minutes of our F3 Cape Fear Council Meeting.

F-3 Cape Fear Advisory Council Meeting 6/8/20 6:30pm Wrightsville Beach Brewery

Nantan (AKA Sparky) Reminder- Please represent this fine organization and yourself well. We are leaders and leaders get watched. We don’t want to lose people because they feel alienated or disturbed by things they see. Site Q’s be sure to curtail profanity if it is getting out of control as we have lots of 2.0’s that are attending these days. Be the example you want to be!
F-1-Fitness- (Beauty Q)
• Earbud has been doing Zoom workouts again for those interested.
• HushMoney is starting a New Wednesday AO on June 17th at Wrightsville Beach. No name yet but looking for a launch group of PAX willing to commit to the next 6 weeks to attend. Boot camp style workout.
F-2-Fellowship-(Hooverround Q)
• Warlick Circle BBQ- The boys who live at Warlick Circle are working on a BBQ according to Hoverround. Gravity even threw out maybe being able to get a band for this. No date thrown out yet.
• 84th Annual Christmas Party– May have outgrown Wreck It Ralph’s location. Snap-On and others discussed possibly looking at Jessie’s Yacht Club as a location for this.
• Baking Needs?- Waterboy threw out that if anyone was in need of birthday cakes or other baking needs they were more than welcome to reach out to him for what he claimed was a superior product for a lower expense. Extra fee if you want him to jump out of it.
F-3 Gear– Keep your eyes on slack for another gear order. Some hopes were thrown out for a 10 year Anniversary host shirt- Snickers what ya think about working on this?
Shield Lock– (Hushpuppy Q)
• We have had an influx of FNG’s so be sure to push out shield locking on Friday so we can grow our bonds especially with these new folks.
• Site and AO Q’s be sure to give out F3 stickers to FNG’s.
• Hushpuppy has agreed to get the shield lock questions out on Wednesday for the Q’s that are in charge on Fridays so they can incorporate this into the workout.
• Be sure to reach out to those folks you have not seen in a while since the quarantine-don’t let them become sad clowns again
Website/Tech concerns– (Gump Q)
• Gump brought up trying to use a similar form as the Chattanooga region uses to help track FNG’s so we can get a better handle on growth statistics. The question was how?
• Currently Maybe 20% of the Q’s are doing backblasts and many of these are just on slack, not on the website.
• Often FNG’s are connected to Slack but not the Website.
• Gravity and others made a request that maybe some form could be created that linked an FNG to the website, slack and got the E-mail to the newsletter group. Unsure if this can be a reality.
• Discussed the possible need for Standard Operating Procedure for Q’s on how to add FNG’s.
• Gump plans to roll out Chattanooga’s form for use and then start to tweak this as we go.

F-3 10 Year Anniversary
• When: January 15-17, 2021
-Gravity, Beauty, Hello Kitty and others have been leading this charge but it is approaching time to start to reveal the plan and start to delegate tasks.
-The hope is that every PAX in the Cape Fear area will be involved during the Saturday Convergence. There could be 1,000’s of people so people will be needed to Q as we will have to break into multiple groups. Basically you need to be there doing the workout or leading but help will also be needed for set up, break down and with other events. F3 nation is hiring a professional video firm to do filming to make a film to be used when reaching out to new regions.
-The hope is to also have WECT out-need to reach out to them.
-We also hope to have local healthcare firm to provide “in-kind” donation of medical staff for an aid station.

• Fees:
-The cost will be $175.00 per person. This will include the Friday Meal, Saturday breakfast, Saturday Dinner, event shirt and all activities.
-You can do a plus one, two, etc for meals for like $40.00 dollars. (This number is subject to change)
-Registration will start June 15th!
-The Ruck is a fundraiser so the request will be for a $25.00 donation additional to the $175.00. A plan to coordinate additional fundraising for this is also being worked on. The goal is to raise $25,000!
-There was some discussion still to be had on what to charge if a 2.0 participates?

• COVID-19 Factor:
-Language in the contracts is being added to be able to pull the plug should COVID-19 rear its ugly head again and then the event will be pushed to Fall of 2021.
-Similarly, we are working to have consisted cancellation dates across all venues.

• Shovel Flags:
-Gravity wanted to present several of the F-3 nation guys with some Shovel Flags. He suggested 14 be made.
-Not just any shovel flag will do….oh no…. SnapOn brought out his company’s made in America heavy as all can be forest shovel. They are $120.00+ each but he is working on this. It was
thrown out that the company could donate them to F-3 Cape Fear as a non-for-profit and write them off
-These will have to be made. EPO & 10-Count offered to at least make a few.

• Hotels:
-A block of hotels is being reserved at Embassy, Balast and other hotels. There are other races in town this weekend so these are being squared away now.


1. January 15th (Friday Night)
• Floating reception at Battleship Park- The Battleship will be open for tours. There will be a cash bar with F-3 beer.
-This will be a family friendly event with shuttles back and forth from the downtown hotels. Locals are asked to ride the shuttles over.

2. January 16th (Saturday) to January 17th (Sunday)
• 7:00am Convergence Workout- This will be at Wrightsville Beach. 90 minute workout is planned.
-Will need to use clown cars to get there and looking at a possible bus.
-Discussed getting shovel flags to line the path down to the beach.
-Shuttles will be running from the hotels there.
-After the workout there will be coffee, juice and a grits bar

• 10:00am CSAUP-There will be an array of these for PAX to choose from:
A. 10K- This will be done as a sand run on the beach- will need a person to help lead and coordinate this.
B. Iron PAX Challenge- Head to head competition of feats of strength and speed. 45 minute suck fest. Fun fact: Bob the Builder won the inaugural 2018 Iron Pax Challenge.
C. Bro Olympics- Strength and field day type events such as the sack race, egg on spoon race. (Hushpuppy agreed to take charge of planning this.)
D. Community Service- Looking at setting up possibly with Habitat for humanity or other service opportunities. (LETC agreed to Q this part, 10-count offered to help.)

• 12:00pm-Lunch- OYO
• 3:00pm Break Out Sessions- These will occur at the Convention Center. Possible topics for these sessions thrown out were:
A. Diversity in your region
B. Physiology/Stretching/Improving performance
C. Free to Lead discussion
D. Starting Bible Studies

• Saturday Evening Banquet- This will also be at the Convention Center. It will include a meal, keynote speech and then a sendoff for the Enditruck at 9:00pm.

9:00pm EndItRuck– Colin Hackman (Go Time) possibly hired to set up the route and check points. Hooverround also threw out a woman named Mary Toffolon that may be able to take on this task as well as a secondary option. The ruck will work in a similar format as previously discussed with visits to several of the AO’s, small workouts at them and then finishing at the beach for a Sun Rise Service.
-The ruck will be 26.2 miles. A marathon boys! Leaving at 9:00pm that only leaves 12 hours to finish which some expressed concern about not being long enough to complete.
-The ruck will occur in various different groups to break up the numbers.
-There will be a patch created for the Ruck.

3. January 17th (Sunday Morning)-Sunrise services at the finish line of the Ruck. W will utilize F3 Worship Leaders and professional Pastors.
The meeting was adjourned with a prayer.


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