2 Year Anniversary Q

Date: 6/5/20


QIC: Snap-On

# of Pax: 22

Pax: Parrothead, Beauty, LETC, Tom Sawyer, Jiffy Pop, Big Sky, Hahvahd, Busted Grill, Collosseum, McFly, Gravity, The Hoff, Last, Pony Express, Chewy, Flight Nurse, Hush Money, Tombstone, Chinese Downhill, Donut, Bonespur


SSH- IC X 20, Moroccan Nightslubs- IC X 20, Gravel Pickers- IC X 20, Mountain Climbers- IC X 15, Plankjacks- IC X 15

The Thang:

Moseyed to the loop. Partnered up. Partner A lunged while Partner B did 10 burpees. This was a “catch me if you can.” Partner B completed his 10 burpees and caught up with Partner A and the roles were switched. We did this until we reached the pull-up bars. Shout out to Hahvahd and Big Sky for completing the entire loop.

Moseyed from the pull-up bars to Goose Poop Island. Kept our partners for some Dora. Partner A ran up the walkway and a quarter way around the loop and back down the stairs while Partner B stayed on the island for 100 dips, 200 squats and 300 LBC’s.


Flutterkicks- IC X 20, Hello Dolly!- IC X 20, Pickle Pumpers- IC X 20. LETC led us in some Alabama Ass Kickers- IC X 20

Moseyed back from Goose Poop Island back to the AO.


Convergence at Baywatch for F3 Nation Nantan Q by Dark Helmet. Prayers for Colosseum’s son Alec, a police officer in Northern California and all law enforcement officers during these times. Prayers for military and first responders and all keep us safe.


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