Date: 06/03/2020

AO: Stingray

EC: 10 Count (of course), Water Boy, EOM, Geiger for a curfew-shortened 2 miles and 30 burpees…EOM completed them in 1:03.6557

Pax: (19) Ugly Stick, Offering Plate, Sparky (R), Cabana Boy, Picasso, Shakespeare, Beauty, Big League Chew (R) (F3 Charlotte), Baby Back, Spin Doctor, Tom Sawyer (R), GTA, EOM, Water Boy, 10 Count, Jaguar, Wapner, LETC (R), Geiger

Warm-o-rama: Gravel pickers, plank jacks, smurf jacks…a few of each in cadence

Thang: We decisively (right, LETC?) moseyed on over to the tennis courts where we each found a spot of blue to perform a series of two exercises for a given period of time…once you got tired of one exercise, switch to the other. Then continue to switch back and forth whenever unable to perform exercise with good form. Got it? Good.

6 minutes – alternate Bonnie Blairs/diamond ‘Merkins
90 seconds – ladders (running)
5 minutes – alternate jump squats/starfish crunches
90 seconds – balls to the wall
6 minutes (good idea, GTA) – alternate regular lunges/wide ‘Merkins
90 seconds – ladders (Imperial lunges/running)
3 minutes – sumo squats/v-ups
3 minutes – burpees/wonder bras (w/ coupon)

We didn’t count our reps, which freed up everybody’s concentration to focus on form…of course they instead used that concentration to talk about pro wrestling, bubble gum flavors and dopplegangers. Cool.

Oh yeah, we randomly sprinkled a couple few burpees in there throughout the Thang. Just enough to pull our weight in the 1,000,000 burpee challenge.

COT/Moleskin: Tom Sawyer thinks he’s 45. Tom Sawyer is empirically incorrect.
General acknowledgement by Beauty to look up and appreciate the day…very true.
Also, what we do and say and post is a reflection of ourselves, our family, our jobs, and of F3 in general…be mindful of that, especially in stressful and difficult times such as we currently find ourselves and our community in. We’re here to re-invigorate male community leadership…LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
TobyTalk is tomorrow at 1830…looks like we’ll be able to have it at an actual establishment this week. Stay tuned to the TobyTalk channel to find out which one.

Such a pleasure to be with everybody in the gloom this morning…thank you, all!


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