Brass Monkey, prime numbers, and a Field of Dreams at Screaming Eagle

Come on y’all its time to get nice

Beastie Boys

3 June 2020

QIC: Donut

Pax: Tiny Dancer, Tiny Tank, Mr. Stewart (FNG), Manscape (FNG), Lightning, Cookout, Bouffant (seriously I couldn’t make out what he said on the video. I’m sure I massacred his name), Hooch, Rx, Patchouli, Love Gun, Moab, Chuckles, Cookie, Hoosier Daddy, Stouffers, Spare Rib

18 pax, including YHC descended upon the Screaming Eagle nest in a relatively humid morning to become better, stronger, and prettier leaders. It was awesome to be back Qing my first boot campy workout since October (YHC had shoulder surgery in November). YHC was especially honored that @TinyDancer posted. If you have shoulder issues give TinyDancer and his team a call. Top notch.


Let’s start with some music. Brass Monkey starts, so SSH until you hear the word “Monkey” then hit the deck for a push-up. I think I counted 27 or so. Now we do 20 Imperial Walkers (4 count). Enough of warm-up lets form two columns and indian run to somewhere near the baseball fields.

The Thang:

7’s – The total number of exercises should add up to 7. Start with 0 at the side walk, sprint to the fence (20 yards) and complete seven 4-count Smurf Jacks, sprint back and do one Imperial Squat Walker (also 4-count), run back and do 6 Smurf Jacks, etc. and so forth. Plank it out when you are done.

Time for the field of dreams – Mosey to the baseball field and split into groups of 6 at different stations given social distancing and all (or have your own exclusive group of two if you are Moab and Hooch). From home plate, sprint to right field and do 5 burpies, karaoke to center and complete 10 crunchy frogs, karaoke to left and do 15 Mahtar N’Diaye’s (I pulled this one out from the bottom of my bag of tricks – plank position then down on left elbow then down on right elbow then back up). Sprint back to home plate and do 20 plank jacks. Repeat this 3 times.

Indian run back to the flag and finish with a jail break.

Mary: American Hammers x20, Hello Dolly x30 (Q’d by Stouffers), Low/slow merkins (Q’d by Cookie), Heels to Heaven x20 (Q’d by Tiny Dancer), 20 Mountain Climbers (Q’d by Lightning).

Well done everyone. Lots of pax pushed themselves today, which pushed me. Thank you for that.

Final thoughts: prayers for those protesting and those negatively affected by the rogue elements (I wasn’t very eloquent in my thoughts around this this morning), prayers for those protecting us, healing, us teaching us, and for all those that seek the truth.

Thank you for letting me lead.



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