Crosswalk takes home the belt

May 30, 2020

AO: Iron Island

Q: R-X

# of PAX: 22. (See nameorama)

Warm up: We moseyed over to the playground area and performed 20 windmills, 20 goofballs, 20 mountain climbers, and counted off the number of pax by doing a wall sit. Then we ran to the beach

The Thang: At the beach we paired up to perform a Dora. For the first round we did 100 squats, 200 LBC’s, and 300 side straddle hops. While one partner did the exercise the other partner ran to the water and did five Merkins or as some did five burpees. Then we did a 2nd Dora. For this one we did 100 v-ups, 200 lunges, and 300 overhead presses. One partner ran to the water and did 2 burpees. We then ran back to the AO and performed some Mary.

Thanks to the PAX for encouraging the 2.0’s.

COT: Prayers and encouragement for Hushpuppy as he looks for a new job or career path. Shout out to Sir Mix for his efforts in his 212 mile race and the PAX that were there with him. It was great to have the 2.0’s at the workout. Congrats to Crosswalk on winning the Poker Run Belt!

Always a pleasure to lead,



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