2020-05-27 Hump Day Hugh MacRae


PAX (21): Undertaker, P-Doc, Red Hots, Lumber, Caliseum (respect), Earbud, Seahorse, Drive By, Busted Grill (respect), Hahvahd (respect), MMOB from Charlotte (respect), Soul Train, Jiffy Pop, Morpheus (respect), Vegemite (respect), Dixie Chick, Steak Knives, Pixel Pusher, Duckboat, FNG Thespian, and dimebag

Q: dimebag

Warm Up:
20x 4 count SSH
10x 4 count Merkins
10x 4 count Squats
10x 4 count Lunges
Front Leaning Rest (to receive instructions on next phase of PT)

10 minute hard effort (5-7 rds)
10x Burpees (some motivated PAX performed 15)
200m sprint
Busted Grill led Mary waiting for the 6

10 Rounds
100m sprint
Rest while alternate group sprints

12 min moderate effort
10-15x Merkins
20x step ups

Walking Lunge back to AO

45 seconds Max Burpee Effort

CoT: Welcome FNG Thespian!
Prayers for the germs to go away (as the 2.0 prays every day)


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