Motivated & Moving

Pixel Pusher

Date: 5/21/2020

AO: Cool Runnings

QIC: Pixel Pusher

PAX: LETC, Earbud, Kix, Trump, Sandman, Albatross, DiGiorno, Pixel Pusher

Warm-O-Rama: Toy Soldiers x 15, Hillbillys x 20, Gravel Pickers x 10

The Thang:
Indian run / mosey through Long Leaf Hills, down Holly Tree Rd to Holly Tree Elementary School. Run negative split track laps OYO. Mosey back to HMP, picking-up the pace to beat the approaching storm. Pixel Pusher and DiGiorno may have found a short-cut to Narnia through the wardrobe.
= 6ish Miles

a huge Thank You to GOD for orchestrating our time together this morning, keeping us ahead of the storm and all finishing together.

Happy Birthday to the kind and good hearted Trump! Props to Albatross for showing us he can truly fly—impressive speed for a big guy. Thanks to Sandman and DiGiorno for making the drive over the bridge from LA to join us. Prayers for them as they not only train to be strong HIMs but also to prepare for the Navy. LETC has challenged DiGiorno to reach 7 F3 workouts, by next week, to earn some running shoes. Keep him motivated & moving!

Great work by all!

Until next time,
Pixel Pusher


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