Contemplating Toby

Date of Workout: Thurs., May 14

AO: Battleship

PAX : Gravity, Hollywood, Patchouli, Busted Grill, PK

Q: Hoff


In honor of the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of F3 Toby, this small band of brothers this morning walked 11 minutes in silence from the Ballast Hotel to the other end of downtown. The 11-minute mark signifies the fact that one person dies by suicide every 11 minutes in America.

In similar “statistic” fashion, the Pax moseyed back to the Ballast, along the way performing a variety of exercises whose repetitions were derived from additional statitistics about suicide in America. These exercises and their repetitions were:

47 burpees
40 reverse ab crunches
34 jump squats
1 minute balls to the wall
50 donkey kicks
25 plank jacks
20 kick-thrus
25 broad jumps
30 overhead presses


So, this morning F3 had an old friend show up and join in: Hollywood. At 81, he looks half his age, but he related how he’d fallen on hard times recently, especially with housing. When we told him whose anniversary we were commemorating, Hollywood instantly began to relate his “dark night of the soul” story, which had occured just a few nights before. Truly, it was an F3 moment.

Hollywood related how he’d made an urgent call to his son, who knew how to talk him down from what sounded like a perilous state of depression. He said he didn’t know what he would have done had he not reached his son.

Hollywood demonstrates that the impacts of mental health, and the consequences that come of it, are everywhere. And we never know who’s going to show up and tell their story looking for understanding and relief. This morning, we were glad to be there for brother Hollywood, as we remembered Toby.

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following.

Hoff, out


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