Big Al Carmichael

Date: Mon., May 11


Q: The Hoff

PAX: Go to the video. (2 groups of men, according to F3 COVID-19 protocol)

Warm Up: 3-minute run in parking lot; 4-count Mtn. Climber X10; 4-count Side Straddle Hop X30; 4-count Little Baby Crunches X25

The Thang – Al Carmichael

Start at one end line of field. For Set 1, pax sprint to the other endline. Do 10 reps of below-listed exercise, then sprint back to the starting point and do 10 more. Do eight sets of this, changing the exercise each time.

Squats, Standard merkins, Burpees, Overhead presses, 4-count flutter kicks, Bobby Hurleys, Burpees, 4-count flamingo crunches.

Bear Crawl from starting point to end point and back.

5 minutes of Mary – Ab exercise is your choice or call on the pax to call one out.


Big thanks to Flight Nurse and Hooch for helping out! #love

Tiny Tank, you know I’m *always* watching you, so hurry your big a** up!

Great seeing Spare Rib!!! … This dude is a Hoff in the making! Well, OK, maybe not the best thing but, hey, see where it goes!

Patchouli rocks! and he smells good (see what I did there).

YHC had a print hand-out that attempted to shed some light on the nature of spiritual and psychic trauma. It included a strategy on how — with a couple easy questions — we can “leapfrog” back to a time before the trauma. It totally shifts the trauma paradigm and has proven to heal. If you’re intertested in getting a copy, see me.

Prayers for the Pax, military, EMS, fire and police. Special prayers for Pony’s family at this difficult time.

Thanks for letting me lead and thanks even more for following. AYE!



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