Date: 5/12/20

AO: Run Forest Run

QIC: Sweater Vest

# of Pax: 6 (+2 canines)

Pax: Sweatervest, Big Sky, Dogwood, Seahorse, McFly, Hoverround

Warm o Rama:
Ssh x20 IC
Arm circles x15 IC
Imperial Walkers x15 IC
Asphalt ticklers x15 IC

The Thang:
A quick Mosey from lot M to Chancellors walk, where we did a daisy chain of toy soldiers>high knees> sprints> end with a burpee. We rinsed and repeated all down chancellors walk, then ran 3.77 mi around the perimeter of the UNCW campus, catching up with the Rucker’s and Capping it off with a quick 5 min Indian run back to the AO.

Also there were dogs.

Hello dolly x15
Freddie Mercury x15
Windshield wipers x8

Good to be back out.
Stay safe.  Wash your hands.



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