18 Years of Fatherhood


QIC: Snickers

Location: Leland

8 PAX: YHC, Zoolander, Brady, Pathfinder, Britex, Buffalo, Ordnance, and Gyro Guy

Warmorama: SSH ICx18, 5 Burpees OYO, Moroccan Knight Club ICx18, Imperial Walker, Daisy Pickers IC x 18

The Thang:

Today I am celebrating 18 years of being a father. And here is my wisdom. Being a good father is doing the right and sometime hard the thing over and over again. Consistency is key and being willing to repent when needed.

So in keep this the wisdom. We did an 18 count balls to the wall, 18 Merkins, 18 Squats, 18 scissor kicks double count, and 18 V-ups. When you finish run around the building complete 5 burpees and start over. Risen and repent. PAX completed 5-6 rounds. Do the same over and over again. Fatherhood:)

We ran out the clock

Mary: Nope

COT: Prayers First Responder, Medical professionals, and the US Military

Announcement: Big Rock Bible Study continues tomorrow at Our Crepes and More 0630-0730. Those PAX who use Social Media please like and share post so F3 can reach more people

Strong work Everyone. Was an honor and privilege to Q the workout today in BruCo. So grateful for F3 and the men that make it what it is.

Snickers OUT


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