Happy 20th Anniversary

20 Years of Marriage
Date: 05/06/2020
# of PAX: 15
PAX: Beauty, Stouffers, Huffy, Pine Cone, Sapling, P-Doc, Overbite, Blue Steel, McFly, Pixel Pusher, HoverRound, Gump, Big Sky, Pique & Gravity.
QIC: Gravity

I introduced myself, mission, disclaimer, we did a warm-up and I announced that today is my 20th wedding anniversary. We split into two optic-approved small groups. I surprised Pique by telling him that he was going to lead a small group of a POAS … he was stoked (not). Each pearl was to be 20 reps in honor of my marriage.

They went their way, we went ours. I don’t know what they did, I can barely remember what we did … but it was awesome. There was a four corners, we went to Goose Poop Island and did 20 Box Jump Burpees (60 total).

We convened back at the AO and did a round of mary. While getting my phone, Beauty pushed the guys to do 10 more burpees.

COT: I shared that I enjoy being the Q on the special days of my life (birthdays, anniversarys, death of a loved one, etc). It’s a great way to honor something important to you, and it allows the rest of us into your life just a little. Today was also Flight Nurse’s 20th wedding anniversary, and the anniversary of Big Sky’s first date with his M … May 6th is truly a special day among our pax.

BOM: prayers for Pony’s Expresses dad, Beauty’s mom, and some others I probably forgot. 1st responders, front line medical folks and military.

It was an honor and I’m grateful for the opportunities F3 has afforded me.



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