Closer Nailed Parkour

Date of Workout: Thurs., May 7

# of PAX and their names: 15 (Go to the Video; sorry, brothers, I gotta about 5 mins. to bust this out; ain’t ’cause of lack of love).

AO: Battleship

Name of Q: Hoff

The THANG – Parkour downtown ILM. So parkour has its roots in late-80s France where both the fire brigade and the military used it to train. (Then parkour was subsequently popularized in a new-generation James Bond flick.) Think obstacle course. The challenge is to find obstacles – mostly in the urban environment – and find the most efficient way to navigate and tackle them. So, pick a point, start running and start looking.

That’s what we did.

Walls, railings, parking decks, curbs, stairs … you name, we navigated and overcame it. But you have to keep moving, which forces you to think on multiple levels and sustain momentum. Parkour is at its core a, well, core exercise and event. You have to focus on and think with your core.

Metaphorically, parkour is life. There are going to be obstacles but you *must keep moving,* hopefully in the most efficient way possible. See three rules of thermodynamics.


THE defining moment came when YHC looked over his shoulder and witnessed F3Closer estimate the distance of an oncoming low-rise wall, then two legs up and over in a whip-kick fashion to a perfect landing. A beautiful sight I will not soon forget.

He nailed the raison d’etre of parkour: to move thoughfully and independently, and occasionally imperfectly, with freedom of movement and mind.

Prayers went out to all who suffer from a physical or mental infirmity.

Prayers for the two girls found at the intersection of River Road and Independence Blvd.

Prayers for all pandemic frontliners – police, fire, EMS, healthcare

Prayers for Pony’s father

Hoff, out




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