Workshop returns to the Water

Date: 5-4-20


AO- The Workshop

Pax:  8 penny, Sooner, Thing 1, Thing 2, GenX, Tom Sawyer, P-doc, Overbite, Kix, Dino, Hushmoney, Hushpuppy, The flying wasp, GTA, Milkman, Waterboy, and Trump

2 groups of 9 pax gathered in an unknown parking lot on an unnamed beach in the gloom.  It’s Monday so they wanted The Workshop beatdown, because that’s what HIM do.  They get to work.  3 TripleHates posted, Again!  These young guns must want some more.  Let’s get it on! 

Sooner Q’d 9 and Yhc Q’d 9 for warmorama.


SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Gravel pickers IC x 15.


Tha Thang-

Indian run down N Channel, then to Johnny Mercer’s pier.

Once on the beach, we found Paula Abdul.

Sprint 2 beach accesses, 5 merkins, Mosey back one, 5 squats.

Rinse and repeat to Stone St

Now, what we have all been waiting for.  

Submerge Yosef in the water, back to dunes for 10 burpees.

Rinse and repeat 9 burpees, etc. until you are back to 1.

Mosey back to flag.

No time for Mary.

Most pax got in their 50 LBCs during the routine.  If you didn’t, get yours before the day is out to get your 50x50x50x20 challenge.  Everyone still needs to get in the 20 pull ups.

CoT-  Prayers for Hushmoney on wisdom for a new place to live.  Gratitude for us having the most beautiful AO in the Nation.  That ocean was spectacular.  Continued prayers for all of the stress, anxiety, and challenges everyone is continuing to endure bc of Rona.

Moleskin- 3.8 miles covered during a “non-running’ bootcamp.  Told you there is no running in F3 Tom Sawyer.  I love seeing all of the enthusiasm this am.  YHC is going to hug everyone of you very soon.  Be ready.  Also, really really love having the Triple Hates out here.  Keep at it brothers.

Embrace the suck brothers.  The gloom belongs to us.

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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