What do Nolan Richardson, Paul Abdul and Mike Tyson have in Common? Monster Factory of course . . . .



EC = 10 count and EOM – 30 burpees each for time – 3 mile run

Monster Factory (where Monsters are Made in every way!!)


Group #1 – QIC-EOM – Ghost Rider, Sheepshead, Shakespeare, Baby Back, Wapner

Group #2 – QIC-Pledge – Geiger, Closer, 10 Count, Spin Doctor, Picasso



30 Side Straddle Hops IC

15 Smurf Jacks IC

10 Mountain Climbers IC



Bear Crawl the Bowl with Paula Abdul and Mike Tyson – (done at the skate park at Stingray)

Each pax hops up two steps then down one step ( Paula Abdul’s song Opposites Attract), rinse and repeat until you get to the top of  the steps. Climb into the bottom of the bowl on the left side. Bear crawl the entire perimeter of the skate park. Every time you go up a slope stop and do 5 Mike Tyson Merkins. Once back to the bottom of the steps rinse and repeat, however, this time doing crawl-bear.


Transition to Nolan Richardson workout

Partner 1 will perform each exercise denoted below as Partner 2 backpedals 50 yards, performs 5 ” Bobby Hurleys” & jogs back to continue the exercise from the count accumulated by Partner This continued until the repetition count stated below is met. 1. Burpees (150). 2. Squats (300)



960 total burpees completed by pax at Monster Factory this morning recorded for  F3 Cape Fear on the Nationwide Million Burpee challenge.

Congrats to Wapner – 4th baby, Lily Mae born last Wednesday

Congrats to Geiger who is 50 shades of Red after his Ranger Panty Ride from Charlotte with the top off of his Jeep.

Reach out to pax you haven’t seen in a while.  Pledge talked about how good it was to see Footie during his 50 miler this past weekend, and realized he hadn’t seen him and others in a while.

Prayer requests:

EOM brother-in-law fighting stage 4 Colon Cancer, and some family dynamics going on as well. Pray for my wife as well during this time too.

Spin Doctor echoed Pledge’s reminder to check in on your brothers during this COVID-19 situation.  Said he realized he was dealing with some fears that were consuming his thoughts, and he got some revelation on the fact that he needed to re-prioritize some things and has done so. T-Claps to Spin Doctor

Closer mentioned he knows someone who’s husband died of COVID-19 up north somewhere.  Pray for the family.

10 Count’s boss Carla is still in the hospital and is struggling with all sorts of health issues from fluid on her lungs to dialysis, etc.

Wapner and Sheeps Head have those new babies.

Offering Plate and their baby soon to be born.  Pray for that heart valve to expand when he is born, and surgery wouldn’t be necessary.  Peace for them during this time as well.






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