The Beachgloom Belongs to Us

Date: 5-2-20


AO- Boondocks

Pax:  Bob the Builder, 8 penny, Sooner, Butter knife, FNG Thing 1, FNG Thing 2, Shut-in (Carpex), Flight nurse, Steak knives, Beauty, GenX, Earbud.

1 group of 6 pax and 1 group of 7 pax gathered in the Surf City Surf Shop parking lot for the baddest, sickest AO in the Best Region in the Nation for Rona restart of the Boondocks.  3 TripleHates dared to post at the 0500, 1 hr beatdown.  Let’s test them.

The PoPo keep circling us.  We better stay compliant to the 69R.  The pax in blue seem to be good to go with our gloomy behavior.


SSH IC x 30

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Gravel pickers IC x 10. 

Merkins – 30

Airsquats- 25


Tha Thang-

The plan is to run around the loop to Johnny Mercer’s pier like so:

Mosey 1 tpole, sprint 2 tpoles, mosey 1 tpole, 5 burpees.

rinse and repeat until you reach the pier (75 burpees).

However, to stay 69R, BtB, 8penny, and Sooner took our 3 TripleHates down Live Oak Dr for and extra 20 burpees, giving the other 7 a head start.

Dang they almost caught me.

At the beach, 11s.  Burpees and squats.

Indian run to Stone Street.

Bear crawl from water line to dunes, sprint back.

Rinse and repeat 3 times.

LBCs IC x 50

Mosey back to flag.

Mary –

Squats 25

Merkins 30

CoT-  Dang that was awesome.  Lots of gratitude for F3, and our fellow pax.  Prayers for Pony’s dad, Beauty’s mom, Scott Looney’s family, all of the others hurting, suffering.  We have something special, and we can share it all day long – not just in the gloom.  Joy, fellowship, hope.  Let’s give it away pax.

Moleskin- We got a head start on Epo’s May challenge.  Y’all just need your 20 pull ups.  Did 3.9 miles to kick start your 100 miles in May.  And we did 2075 burpees to keep chasing the 1,000,000 burpee challenge.  Yhc is really jacked.  A stud Triple Hate, asked “are we almost done?,” and BtB gave it a “solid Q.”  Yea baby!  Had fun rolling around the loop with Shut-in.  The Carpex Nant’an  sure does spend a lot of time with us.  Maybe we can kidnap him and do some kind of hostile take over?  Sooner, tclaps on getting the Holler boys out, Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I love those guys.  Butter knife, you are turning into a beast.  Way to push BtB and 8penny.  Not many pax can do that.  Earbud, we have this thing called #DRP – daily red pill.  It means choosing the hard, right thing of posting at 0530 will make you stronger.  YHC thinks you swallowed the whole bottle!  And we love it.  Beauty, our Weasel shaker, is getting F3Nation famous pax.  Someone bust on him to keep him humble- as our pride swells.  GenX, you are inching very close to becoming a Boondocker.  Hope you ready.  There is a certain level of studness you are expected to display at all times with that title.  Tclaps!  Flight nurse, yhc knows what you have been doing to help hospital bound pax, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Love you brother.  Even with that porn stache.

Embrace the suck brothers.  

It was an honor and a pleasure.

LETC out


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