Screaming Eagle


Q: R-X

# of PAX: 5

PAX: Footlong, Tiny Tank, Teacher’s Pet, Lightening

Warm up: 20 Seal Claps and 25 Pebble Pickers

The Thang: The goal was to help the PAX start EPO’s May challenges. No excuses because day 1 of 31 is complete. We moseyed over to the pull up bars (there were 5) and the pax got their 50 merkins, 50 air squats, 50 LBC’s, and 20 pull up’s in. We then moseyed around to the speed bumps. There we performed an exercise at each of the 5 speed bump along the road. The exercises were 10 (4 count) American hammers, LBC’s, V-ups (not 4 count), hello dollies, and flutter kicks. When we got to the 5th speed bump we ran back to the 1st speed bump and started the exercises again. We repeated several times. The goal was to exercise and get up to 3 miles running, which we did. Only 97 miles left.

COT: Beautiful morning to get stronger together. Show love to others just as God did. Always a pleasure to lead.



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