April 30 Virtual QuickDraw Beatdown

April 30 virtual QuickDraw backblast

@Closer – Q with 2.0 @mozart- coQ

PAX – 12 including

FNG @Dracula, @earbud, @Crockett,




@Car Seat




@Doggie Bag

@FNG – Dracula

@Steak Knives


Side straddle hop – 30

Windmills  – 20

Apollo Ohnos (speed-skaters). 20 OYO

Squats  – 20

Merkins – 20 OYO

THE THANG – 3 sprints increasing distance, burpees & merkins each time.  Indoor PAX subbed running w/ run in place, jump lunges  or squats

1 – 50 Meters | 5 burpees | 50 M | 10 merkins

2- 100M | 10 burpees | 100 M | 20 merkins

3- 200 M | 15 burpees | 200 M | 30 merkins 


Shuffled a deck of cards. Do number of the card and exercise to suit. 

Heart ❤️ = burpees

Clubs = double count  mountain climbers

Spades ♠️ = double count jump lunges 

Diamonds ♦️ = diamond grip merkins

The Close. 3 sets of 5 navy seal burpees. Pretty sure these suck even for navy seals. @steakknives has been virtually crushing us with these. It’s like a burpee with 2 single leg mountain climbers at bottom each followed by a merkin. They sucked big time. 

End at 6:43 with a serious sweat just before the rain came. 

Next COT and naming new FNG Roland Acas aka @Dracula due to his accent, Lithuanian descent, refusal to show his real face on video as the sun was rising, and his self proclaimed propensity to fartsack and avoid the early morning sun. @Dracula welcome to F3, it’s only taken 6 months of pounding from YHC! 

83 burpees total 

Well over 100 Merkins which was @Motzart’s goal



  • Praise for F3 and getting our leaders back out there
  • Prayers and praise for @wapner brand new 2.0 born yesterday!

Don’t sleep on the virtual AO it’s waaaaaaay more effective in eradicating sad clown 🤡 disease than fartsacking!! 💪🏼😂🔥 💤 😴 




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