Socially Distanced DORA Murph


9 Socially Distanced PAX: BabyBack, Sparky, Picasso, Shakespeare, Magnitto, McFly, GenX, GTA

Q= SpinDoctor

We broke off into two groups. Knucklepuck took a group of 8… Social Distancing. Two separate groups that then competed at the end (Separately).

The THANG: We started with 40 SideStraddle Hops, 25 Gravel Pickers, 30 Imperial Walkers, and 20 Windmills IC.

We mossed over to the pond for a little Modified Murphy Dora:

Partners of 2:

Each group ran around the Pond then…

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 Big Boy Situps

Partner 1 would execute exercise while Partner 2 ran.

When complete, partners ran around the pond. Then Mary for the 6.

We then met up with Knuckles’ group for a competition… Bear Crawl sprint relay. Winner 5 Burpees loser 10 burpees…

We had 90 Burpees for my group… so you figure who won.

COT: Prayers for those that were not there, and for everything going on in the world.

It was fun to get out there and get at it. It has been awhile since leading… it was awesome to lead you all today!

SYITG soon!

SpinDoctor over and out!


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