Date: 2/29/20

12 PAX Total:

Flight Nurse, Crosswalk, Crepe Face, Pony Express, MOAB, Ugly Stick, Kix, RX, Dogwood, Hush Money, SnapOn, YHC (HushPuppy)

The 12 PAX arrived in the Gloom ready for battle. The PAX Split into 2 equal teams of 6 and separated into opposite halves of the parking lot. The battle line was drawn, and the PAX were ready for the showdown.


Windmills x 15, Gravel Pickers x 15, Copperhead Squat x 20, SSH x 30


The 2 teams of PAX competed in 3 rounds of timed exercises, trying to accumulate more than the other team. While 5 PAX on the team cranked out as many of the exercise as possible the 1 other PAX “rested” by Bear Crawling 50 yards to the end of the parking lot and running back. The PAX would switch off doing this throughout each round.

Round 1: Big Boy Sit Ups – 8 mins

Round 2: Monkey Humpers – 8 mins

Round 3: Burpees – 4 mins

Team 1 (Flight Nurse, Crosswalk, Pony Express, MOAB, Crepe Face, and YHC) took round 1 with a total of 603 Big Boy Sit ups.

Team 2 (Ugly Stick, RX, Dogwood, Kix, Hush Money, and Snap On) hit back in round 2 with an astonishing 1,455 Monkey Humpers. They must get a lot of practice!!

Team 1 took the prize though by winning round 3 with a total of 266 Burpees! Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

After the dust settled from the battle, the 2 teams stayed on their halves of the lot and compete 10 mins of MAX round of 5 SSH and 2 Burpees.

In total by the end of the complete workout, the 12 PAX combined for a total of 1,235 Burpees!!!

Prayers for Pony’s father, Beauty’s mother, our counties teachers and students, and our country.

Praise for F3 and everything it means to each and every one of us! THE GLOOM BELONGS TO US!


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