The Gloom Belongs to US!

27 April 2020

AO : Workshop

QIC : Bromater & Blade

# of PAX : 10


PAX : Hushmoney, Gump, The Flying Wasp, Pixel Pusher, Waterboy, GTA, Earbud


Washing Machine x10IC

The Thang

Mosey to WBUMC covered parking lot

10 Burpees – Bear Crawl across lot – 20 Squats

Rinse & Repeat x3

Mosey down Live Oak

Stop at speed bumps, roundabout, & stop sign(s) for prescribed exercises :



Box Cutters

Flutter Kicks

Mosey back up Live Oak & head across bridge to Stone St access. All the way to the sand

Merkin Ring of Fire in the sand

Admire the awesome sunrise…

Mosey back to Surf City

COT / Moleskins

Cape Fear will be hosting the 10yr Anniversary for F3 Nation. T-Claps to the PAX that make that possible.

Earbud posted for his first in person beatdown today, but he’s already earned the 7in 7 board & received a copy of Freed To Lead!

Thank you the privilege to lead, Bromater had a blast!

Be a HIM and find ways to help in The midst of all the Coronavirus SIP.

Stay Sharp…



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