Four to the 24th power

Date: 24 April 2020

AO: Zoom

QIC: Gump

PAX: @earbud, @hahvahd, @steak knives, @gump

It was a day of gloom in the gloom, post an evening of thunderstorms. Yet, like Camelot, it only rains here at night so we have our loving days at our disposal, right? Either way, we started the morning with a reminder of what F3 is and what we came to do.

After we watched an unnamed Ivy Leaguer pull his car our of the garage, we started with a little @EPO inspired…


100 Side Straddle Hops
50 Squats
40 LBCs
30 Tricep dips
20 Merkins
10 Burpees
Run 100 yards/30 secs
10 Burpees

Thang One:

We migrated over near a wall to get some leg work in. Too often, certain gym rats can be rightly accused of not working out their bottom halves and leaving with chicken legs. No body got time for that. Let’s get after it! We start with Forward-Reverse Pistol Squats, two per leg. Then to honor the day, we switch to 24 double count Sumo Squats before 24 Calf Raises and then 24 seconds of Wall Squats. Due to the fact that I like to approximate, do not feel like doing hard math with moving seconds, and wanted to not break out the stopwatch, we typically pushed longer then the 24. Exact or not, we rinsed and repeated the leg blaster for five rounds.

After a shake out and a ten second count from Hahvahd, we run 100 yards or 30 secs, do ten burpees, run 100/30, then do ten burpees. Then it is time for some further leg work and the next Thang.

Thang Two:

We have got to get some full leg action in and that includes the glutes. For that, a little Bridge Raises followed directly by Hip Raises then right into Dive Bomber Merkins. Twenty-four of each…like the first three season with Jack Bauer, which, I never actually saw but always imagined I would have like it. So, if you are following along here, 24 Bridge Raises, 24 Hip Raises, 24 Dive Bomber Merkins. Then we repeated the 24 for the next three seasons with Jack. Although, instead of Dive Bombers, we switched to Burpees and knocked out ten more for a solid 50 on the day and then 100/30 more of mosey.

Why would our wives need patience? We are such caring HIM!



Since we spent a bit of time watching the Oldsmobile exit the carport, we hung on for a bit more time for MARY and COT. With four of us present, we each took the lead on the 24 power-up. Each PAX calling out their favored MARY led to @Hahvahd counting us through a score and four Flutter Kicks, then @Earbud with 24 Heels to Heaven, followed by @Steak Knives with a double dozen of Hello Dolly, and finally YHC for six plus a half-dozen Side Plank Dips on the right then mirrored on the left with then same number.


For the Circle of Trust and the Zoom of Man, we had some praises from @Hahvahd regarding the time spent with his kids and the willingness for them to help out around the house with meals. An overall praise for those of us that regularly travel for work, yet have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the M and 2.Os as a result of the Social Distancing. However, really just needing extra patience for our spouses and for ourselves as it related to tasks, meals, works, kids, etc. This led to the quote of the day from @Hahvahd.

A continuing reminder that we are not in control, but we are also not alone. We do not do this for ourselves as much as we do it for the Sky Q and for our families while spurred on by our brothers. “For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.” R11:36


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