Hey F3 Cape Fear, Let’s Get After It!!!

Cape Fear is Back!!!

World crisis?  F3CapeFear was built for this.  F3CapeFear is opening our free workouts again, starting Monday, April 27th,2020.  Hear us out.  Most of us are reading highlights or skimming, then forming opinions on what we think we have read.  In this circumstance, we ask you to fully read our “why” and “how,” then form your opinion.  Afterwards, feel free to praise or blast us at will.

On March 27, 2020; F3CapeFear closed all 31 AOs in response to NC Governor Roy Cooper’s Stay At Home order.  As leaders it was the right thing to do.  The safety and wellbeing of our community is paramount. Showing respect for our state and local leaders is what leaders do. We needed to lead in stopping the spread of coronavirus, acknowledge that it is a big deal, and let our circles of influence know that we take it seriously. Mission accomplished.

Now is the time to bring back the full force of F3CapeFear, and here is the Why. F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. Our mission is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. Our current world and community are seeing a level of fear, anxiety, and isolation never experienced during our lifetime. Many people are looking for fellowship and faith for the first time. Mental, financial, spiritual, and physical health are being tested and challenged on an individual and community level like never before.

F3CapeFear is uniquely positioned to help men help others find solutions to these challenges. We know the first best step is fitness.  F3CapeFear was built for this. Our core principles uniquely lend themselves to filling the current void that so many feel.
1. All workouts are free of charge.
Many men have lost jobs or wages.  Many others have businesses that are getting hammered or lost all together.  At an F3 workout, finances are not an issue.
2. All workouts are open to all men.  
Come as you are.  We want to reach into every community, every demographic, every age group, every fitness level.  We want you.
3. All workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.
This is key. Many gyms and other facilities may be closed for some time. Parks are one of the few places that are open.  Not only can we work out safely in parks, it is being encouraged. Being in the parks at such early hours when others are less likely to be there is another advantage.
4. All workouts are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.
We have the leaders in place and ready go, regardless of how fast we grow.
5. All workouts end in a circle of trust.  
After each workout men are asked to share their praises, concerns, or announcements.  After a shared beatdown with a small group of men, many are surprised on how real this can get.  Whether it is razzing your buddy for his day glow shorts or praying over another’s daughter, a bond is built in what we call the gloom.

The beautiful thing is that F3CapeFear never really shut down. Our community is too strong to shut us down.  The talk on Slack remains a constant. The daily motivations and beatdowns from EPO continue to inspire us. The daily live Zoom workouts planted by Steak knives have been incredible. The pax coming together to help and encourage Kix during his isolation marathon was amazing. Many other pax continue to gather safely in small groups for bootcamps, runs, fellowship, Bible studies, etc. Apparently, Freed 2 Lead has taken root here in our Region. In other words, we are already open for business, so shouldn’t we do more to honor core principle #2? In the current crisis, we have an opportunity to reach more men than ever before. With a small modification, this could be a great opportunity to double our AOs. Sad clowns are looking for what we have. Let’s plan to give it to them.

Let’s talk about the How. For the foreseeable future, our normal is going to look different. We must continue to live by our 5 core principles. However, we need to add a Coronavirus layer onto how we operate so that we live within the current laws and regulations of our community, as well as keep ourselves and others safe.

Until further notice, we ask all AOs and Qs to follow and honor these additional guidelines:

Covid-19 Guidelines:
1.  All workouts are limited to 9 pax. Should more than 9 post, the workout should be split in half, and proceed in different areas of the park, with 2 Qs.
2. Maintain 10’ distance at all times, including COT and BOM.
3. No coupons, shared equipment, or partner exercises.
4.Gloves are recommended.
5. If you are sick, or have been around anyone that is sick, do not post in person. Use the Zoom or isolation beatdown.
9. Disclaimer – Incorporate the new Coronavirus guidelines into your Disclaimer at the beginning of workout, and reiterate that F3 is free, each pax posts at his own risk, and modify as needed. 

We will maintain the Zoom workouts and the Isolation beatdowns for as long as some pax need them for job, family, or personal reasons. They have been awesome resources.  Also, if you or one of your loved ones is hurting financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. please reach out. All of us have been there at one time or another, and that is part of what our community is all about. Do not let yourself become isolated. e are here to lean on each other.

So, there you have it. The why and how of the reopening of F3CapeFear. We acknowledge that there is a risk to someone becoming sick with covid-19, and as always, all are reminded that you assume your own risk whenever you post. However, the above precautions we are taking are in line with the recommendations of the CDC and our local community.  Also, the CDC and our local community are encouraging us to get exercise. Plus, these guidelines are more stringent than the reality of your grocery store or home improvement store.

Let’s seize the day F3CapeFear. We are High Impact Men.  The example of how we live now in this crisis is crucial. We will be watched by our Ms, our 2.0s, co-workers, friends, etc. If we can live wisely and boldly; if we can live with peace and joy; if we can demonstrate our care for F3 brothers, and the larger hurting community around us; then we will be on our way to creating lasting impact.  We have been training for a day such as this.  F3CapeFear was built for this. Right Now, go on the Q Calendar and get signed up!!! Lots of Qs are available.




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